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Residential distribution is one of the many services provided by bellprint.  This form of mass advertising has been used for a long time the reason for it effectiveness is it that it helps as cover a wide range of locations. It has evolved from time to time over the years from area locations changing, advancements in printing systems and the very basic advancement from black and white printing to the latest CMYK 6 Million color printing presses. Residential distribution advancements have greatly impacted the distribution and printing sector. Residential distribution leaflets could use various methods of distribution of paper in the forms of brochures, magazines, letter box drops, flyer distribution, leaflet distribution & many types of marketing materials. All of these activities effectively contribute to residential distribution. Advertising distribution is to be done with the right amount of pre-planning if the printing and distribution is to be an effective and productive one. If the timing for the Flyer drop or the flyer marketing doesn?t coincide with the Residential distribution the campaign carried out by the contracted walkers gets affected. The distributors are the ones who go door to door and hand deliver as well as conduct the residential distribution through letter box drops. They are aided and guided by GPS hand held navigation devices which help them to cover the necessary suburbs that have been assigned to them. On a regular day an average distributor can do up to 200 residential letterbox deliveries in an hour.

LetterBox Delivery / Residential distribution Quantity
Cost Per Thousand ( GST Additional )
5,000 - 20,000
$39 per thousand
20,000 - 100,000
$38 per thousand
100,000 - 200,000
$37 per thousand
200,000 - 300,000
$36 per thousand
300,000 - 500,000
$35 per thousand
Above 500,000
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Brochure delivery is a frequently used medium of advertising with flyers in residential distribution. At bellprint we also undertake catalogue distribution as well as flyer delivery. It is quiet effective as it has been widely used as a marketing tool to advertise about a new business venture. As vast areas are covered in distribution zones the probabilities of awareness is unmatched and that is one of the main reasons why even today leaflet delivery is a good marketing technique. Residential distribution has a few downsides as well. Its mass area coverage residential distribution always faces the risk of Junk mail distribution. Residents receive many flyers in their letter drop box; they get them at times bundled or as many in the letter box. Many a time what happens is residents consider them to be just Junk advertising and they throw them away without noticing it. Sometimes flyers that have rich color or ones that have clever use of color and attractive advertising get read and looked at. Some residents who reside in suburbs that are strategically important tend to get more letterbox advertising. Letterbox deliveries here are at times are hampered by the residents marked by no junk mail delivery. For residential distribution walkers who carry out the distribution do not drop off flyers or brochures at these residents as it is against Australian laws to carry out residential distribution to these residents. Here at bellprint we strictly make sure that we do not do letterbox delivery or letterbox distribution to theses residents. Leaflet drop is carried out in suburbs that the client would like to focus his distribution at if a client wants leaflet distribution in Brisbane or Melbourne or Perth or Sydney we give the client a list of suburbs and they then finalize and give us the final residential distribution list detailing the suburbs and postcodes that they would like to cover through a particular run.