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Finishing & Binding Effects

Finishing Options 

Matt lamination
Provides a satin finish for your print jobs, this type of finish is best suited for rich looks, extended life and long lasting.

Gloss laminateensures a glossy shine finish best suited for images you intend to have a shining effect.

Spot UV Varnish

Spot UV Varnish creates a unique look compared to other finishes by enhancing few specific areas of your artwork visually stimulating with premium finish.

Silver Ink

Silver ink finish is used to highlight a specific letter or a shape or a logo to attract readability and its most preferred in cover pages with finish over an embossed letter.

Die cuts

A die cut is used to obtain custom finish size or shape and is most preferred marketing purposes artistic business cards and shape-cut greeting cards.


Perforation is a process of creating an option to separate parts of a paper to tear it with ease. These are usually separated by dots defined by every inch.

Binding Options

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is used to stick paper sections together in line with the fold press it is used for brochures, booklets, newsletters, catalogues etc. Saddle stitching is suitable for documents from 8pp to 64pp. We recommend Perfect Binding for documents above 64pp.

 Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is a method used for large brochures, manuals and books, to give a professional finished appearance. Pages are placed between a heavier cover and glued together at the spine with strong, flexible, water resistant adhesive.