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Basics of Artwork Setup

File Flight Check 

Once we receive your requirements we look forward evaluating your design files such as the file format, print compliance, resolution, bleeds, design aesthetics and other printing metrics. The process will be carried out by our experts who determine any errors in the first sight, if our experts find any issue with your files, formats or that of your creative?s we would write back for design changes requesting to resubmit your artwork. Bell Print has in-house designing experts who can deliver potential artworks in accordance with your requirements, our professional Design Service operates at an additional fee, which will include a new proof for you to approve. Please ask for a quote to amend the artwork if required. 

Artwork endorsement 

Once your artwork is evaluated for zero errors we produce a final proof for your approval of the press ready version. The moment we receive your approval we indicate your acceptance to our printing press. The noticeable factor here is once a job is send to the printing press it cannot be held back for any amendments we cannot be held responsible for any errors. It is highly recommended to pay attention to names, places, contact details, dates, times, typo errors and grammar inaccuracy. 

The Printing Process

The process of printing is initiated following the artwork endorsement, depending upon the quantity and print job a regular turnaround time of 5-7 business days is undertaken to complete your job. Once your job is complete we will inform you though our support channels and will be directly sent to a nominated delivery address. (Note: For Urgent Jobs please inform our sales team prior for the same we will then establish if this date is achievable.

Things to consider 

To insure the integrity of your design, we encourage artwork to be supplied to Bell Print Group in accordance to the below specifications Any artwork submitted in an incomplete state will require a re-quotation and the print prices indicated for the product will not apply.